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Director of rugby : Matthew CLARKIN


Amateur :

Grégory LAY - Administrative and Financial Director BO Rugby


The Academy pyramid is based on a "BO Rugby Academy" created in 2016.

It is a support structure designed to strengthen, improve, contribute to the support and training of our strong potential on dual projects: school and rugby.

The Academy

The BOPB Academy, certified since 2003, is based on the idea of double qualification for players aged from 16 to 23 years old.

  • Sports training to prepare the player at the highest level of competition
  • A general education that will protect the player (school, university, professional)

Every year, the player is evaluated by the NRL on his performance and school results, and is the subject of an annual ranking by division.

Objectives :

  • Sign a professional contract
  • Get a degree or a vocational training

The pre-training center :

The pre-training center is a specific structure for high-potential players aged between 16 and 17 years old. They will benefit from :

  • additional training including one with the training center
  • individualized follow-up (sports and school)

Objectives :

  • Develop his individual technique, his physical and mental potential
  • Learn to adapt and organize in a double project (sports and school)
  • Integrate the Academy


The Training Center and the pre-center follow the same process. Although the Training Center is a NRL accredited structure and evaluated annually, both structures have a common organization and objectives.

<p><strong>Administrative and school supervision:</strong></p>


  • Gregory Lay : Administrative and Financial Director (BO Rugby)
  • Lucie Bozza : Administrative manager of the Academy (BO Rugby)


  • René Le Ho : President of the Pedagogical Commission of the Basque Academy of Sport (ABS)
  • Sylvain Dufourcq : Educational manager of the training center (ABS)
  • Lucie Larrieste : Educational manager of the pre-training center (ABS)

<p><strong>Sport supervision :</strong></p>


  • Mathieu Rourre : Director of the training center
  • Roger Ripol : Forwards coach
  • Jean-Emmanuel Cassin : Backs coach
  • Laurent Mazas : Kicking coach

Strength and conditioning :

  • François Ruis : Strenght and conditioning coach
  • Léo Carrere : Strenght and conditioning coach assistant

Mental skills :

Christian Ramos : mental skills coach

<p><strong>Individual follow-up :</strong></p>

  • Individual interview with the administrative, sports and school staff
  • Regular exchanges with schools
  • Support course according to the needs of the players
  • Help with the organization of personal work and the management of the schedule
  • Tactical, technical and physical evaluation sheets, with settings of quarterly objectives.

Latest news

Planning of the week

Monday 11th Frebruary 2019
14h30 :
  "rugby" training
Lieu : Coubertin Field, Aguiléra.

Thursday 14th February 2019
12H00 :
Press conference
Lieu : Mixte zone , Aguiléra ➡️ Facebook Live
Friday 15th February 2019
20h00 :
D21 Biarritz / Angoulême
Lieu : Aguilera Stadium

Planning of the week

Monday 4th February 2019
15h00 :
Rugby Training
Where ? : Coubertin Field, Aguilera.

Tuesday 5th Februar 2019
15h45 :
press conference
Where ? : Zone Mixte, Aguilera
Friday 8th February 2019
20h30 : D20
 Nevers / Biarritz
Where ?: Stade du Pré Fleuri

Cocktail volunteers/players

To thank the volunteers of Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque for their investment throughout the season, a cocktail was organized this Thursday, January 31 at 19:00 at the Grand Salon Serge Kampf.


This time, the roles were reversed, and it was the BOPB players and employees who were at the service of the volunteers.

Program of the evening: paella, Basque songs and pastry competitions!

A good moment  for the big family of Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque.

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